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 frustrated & troubled

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PostSubject: frustrated & troubled   Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:28 pm

Hi i'll try and cut a long story short (actually i just accidentally cancelled a really long post).
-I'm italian. being vegan in italy is like being an alien.
-i'm thritysix
-gave up sports from 18 to 28 years for dumb reasons (never get them years back)
-i play rugby.
-untill last year i weghed about 110kg.
-also been kickboxing on and off for to years.
-being going to the gym for 5years orignally for my rugby.
-i must admit to myself that i like going to the gym and that getting bigger and stronger is a vanity that i don't like to admit.
-After breaking my leg and having to quit rugby for a while i spent more time in the gym and got bigger and stronger...even though must of all it is fat.
-Lost a little weight last summer mountain biking during the summer.
-lost a bit of strength with the 5kg i lost. Finally realised that i really liked being strong.
-somebody told me the strenth loss was probably due to over training (KICKBOXING BIKING AND GYM)...i don't know
-5months ago i went VEGAN! YEAH!!!!! Finally doing the right thing i always new was right but never did because i was told i never could (used to live off italian food and junk).
-Here the frustrating part....
Started losing weight and getting weeker during the first month. Maybe due to not knowing what to eat.
-started eat more and better and slowed down the weight loss and kept the stregth stable.
-Worked out hard and better (actually listeng to my personal trainer for the first time)but strength isn't getting better.
-Started taking a soy protein suppliment. Felt like failure. I've never taken a suppliment in my life. I wanted to belive that a vegan diet could give me all i needed.
-The worts part is i've been taking the suppliments for almost a month and things are not changing.
-i DO FEEL BETTER. I Know that the weight loss (i now weigh 96kg) is only fat (because i look btter too)....but i can't build either muscle nor strenth.
-whatever...i'm just looking for a pat on the back and any advice.
...forgive my rusty english.
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PostSubject: Re: frustrated & troubled   Fri Apr 27, 2012 11:07 pm

Welcome JCATOM,

Firstly, your English is very good.
And congratulations on becoming vegan, its not easy when other people aren't supportive and you have trouble accessing balanced, nutritious vegan foods. cheers

Don't feel like a failure taking a soy protein supplement. Almost everyone into sports in my corner of the world takes a protein supplement when they get keen on sports, whether they're a vegan or not. It takes a while to get a balanced vegan diet organised. I still use a legume-based protein powder regularly because its convenient for me. I know other people are stricter about eating only whole foods. But it just depends on what your goals are.

Would you like to give us a detailed diet plan and exercise plan that you have been following? It might help us to give you some ideas.

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PostSubject: Re: frustrated & troubled   Mon Apr 30, 2012 12:33 pm

Well first off I just wanted to say welcome to VBBF!

I'm not the best source of knowledge when it comes to body building (I am a nutrition student) but I must say that many people take supplements no matter what their diets are so do not feel like it is a failure! What you are doing benefits both you and all livings things around you so instead be proud! I take supplements daily because I am vegan and I am proud to do so every time because I know that nothing was harmed for me to feel good and healthy Smile.

Welcome again, this is a lovely place.
x x x

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PostSubject: Re: frustrated & troubled   Wed May 02, 2012 3:18 am

thanks to both of you for the support.
As for the training it would be:
Monday chest and bicepts (probably the longest workout of the week)
tuesday shoulders.traps-legs (evening i often do rugby or kickboxing)
wednesday (tricepts and back)
thursday no gym. But i often play rugby or go kickboxing
friday my personal trainer has me do a little session that recalls or the muscles.
weekend relax unless i find the time a bit of mountain biking.
I work at night in a pub and probably don't sleep enough cause i've got kids.
Nutrition is much much better than before (eating anything anywhere anytime) but still a bit anarchic. I doubt that will ever change.
to large meals (pasta, seitan, tofu....)
snacks all day long sandwiches, chocolate (obviously without milk) some fruit...whatever...
a protein shake after the gym
the second large meal when i get to work
snacks while i work (i've work in a pub and eat things like frenche fries and onion rings or sandwiches)
as i said....still slowly losing weight and still feel weeker. Rolling Eyes

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PostSubject: Re: frustrated & troubled   Wed May 02, 2012 12:53 pm

Carrying fat does make you somewhat stronger - not as much as carrying extra muscle...but, if you look at any powerlifter above a certain weight they carry a bit of fat as fat does 'stuff' to the body. It may be joint cushioning, it may create better leverage's within the body, but it is a fact that carrying fat increases strength. In weight classes it is certainly better to have more muscle as muscle is a lot better than fat, hence lower weight classes have a lot of muscle & not so much fat, but do not totally discount fat as a strength giver as it has some benefits even if we don't understand exactly what that is.
Now on to the issues. You've lost strength, probably because you've lost fat. My suggestion to you is you go about this the hard way. You could add back the fat, regain the strength that way, but my suggestion to you is to regain the strength by adding on some muscle. This will probably be slower & certainly harder, but you'll look better & probably be more healthy.
Firstly, I notice you are a t-shirt muscle junkie:
Quote :
Monday chest and bicepts (probably the longest workout of the week)
I would suggest you swap this around & make the longest workouts of the week the legs & the back workouts - There is a quote (I'll paraphrase it here) the muscles at the front make you look fantastic - the muscles at the back make you perform fantastic!
I would like you try a cycle of exercise that focusses upon some form of squat or squat related movement if you have issues with an ordinary bi-lateral squat & some form of deadlift. I would suggest you aim at working these two exercises hard as studies have shown that these two exercises really bump up the anabolic hormone production, work them into the ground & your strength in EVERY movement will get a kick start.
I'd suggest you back off a bit on other activities a little while you do this. It will be hard, you want to go hard, go heavy. You should expect a week or two just sorting out the form if these are new to you, but then you should work up to heavy weights. Be sure to keep the depth as low as you can on the squat & in the deadlift it is pushing the hips back & do not round the back.
For other movements focus on compound movements & for this cycle cut isolation movements to a minimum.
This should aid in increasing the strength up to or even beyond your present levels.
Diet is the other think you'll need to sort out a bit more to go beyond where you are now - the stronger you want to get , the more the diet will have to improve, it's really that simple. If strength is important enough, then the diet will have to be a higher priority.
Hopefully that will give you some ideas about how to improve your strength.
Welcome on to the board! afro

Oh yea, there are quite a few vegans in Italy I've done a talk & contest at the Turin vegfest & had a fantastic few days there - it 'may' be on again this year (if so we have a crew of us from the UK going to visit, do a talk & a push-up), so they are out htere. I know they had started selling stuff like Fry's fake meats & quite a few other bits then as they were there & we talked to them about it. I could only find the details for the 2007 event, but it has contact details, so maybe checking this out & giving them an email could help with the diet & maybe meeting a few vegans in your area as well!
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PostSubject: Re: frustrated & troubled   Wed May 02, 2012 6:16 pm

thanks for the advice pete. Actually i'm already feeling the benifits of workinig the legs harder....i almost gave up on the totally after breaking my knee ting (i can't rember what its called in english) two years ago and breaking my ankle in three placeslast year....Instead of rehabilitating myself i just ignored my legs....I've been doing training them n days and it seems to feel good.
I agree on the fat being source of strength (most people don't want to admit it) but im looking forward to doing it the hardway.
As for the gym program, i'll probably try it another two weeks out of respect for the trainer at the gymthat did it for me.... As i said, during the last to years i did work out hard but it was a rather anarchic workout (what do i feel like doing today) and the trainer was really pleased to make me a program to "punish me" is a hard workout.
i'll try o better my nutrition but right now i'm still in the forst six months of being vegan and i'm concentrating on the simpler aspects like what foods i can buy at the supermarket...I had know idea that they put milk in everything (often it seems like they put a drop of milk just to pis us off). But i will get to the nutrition
also i read somewhere the vegans shoul do short workouts??? that doesn't sound good to me.
ANyway most people around here don't know what vegan even means and spend tease mebut i don't mind. I know just one vegan (i run a pub and know loads of people) but i know they are out's justthe foood that's hard to find.
The odd thing in my life ishaving to touch loads of meat in my pub causeoften i must make the food. Loads of hamburgers andParma ham (we are in the Parma area)... I hould proably feel sickened but i have a family to support and tht is number one to me.But i have introduced a vegan sandwich to the menu...nobdy craes but it's there and some people ask me about what it's about.
THanks again!
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PostSubject: Re: frustrated & troubled   

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frustrated & troubled
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