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 vegan easter!

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PostSubject: vegan easter!   Sat Apr 07, 2012 5:34 pm

while most traditional easter meals either focus on a fish heavy meal for good friday or a turky dinner, the vegans bring out wonderful flavors from various plant sources showing just what mother nature has to nurture us with.

Appetizer: curry vegetable soup- start things off by turning up the heat and enjoy something comforting from the earth

1 can coconut milk
a bunch of carrots (about 6-8 large ones)
1 tbsp (15ml) curry (use the good stuff, don't cheap out!)
vegetable broth
cayenne pepper (optional... i would normally add a bit but the people whom I shared this meal with don't like it too hot)

1) steam cook the carrots and chop up
2)in a food processor add all the ingredients accept the broth and puree
3)slowly add vegetable broth until desired consistancy
4) set aside and heat up in a pot or microwave safe bowl before serving

Salad: fruit and vegetable- cool down with a fresh, sweet and zesty blend of fuits and veggies

1 large mango or 2 pears (any sweet fruit would work, but mangos were nice)
1 big bunch of spinach (about a handful per person)
1 cup slivered almonds
2 avocados
dressing (classic olive oil, vinegar, garlic and lemon juice works well... keep it simple!)

dice up the fruit, slice the avacados and assemble all the fruits veggies and almonds onto the plate and pour dressing over top

Main Course: tofu, potatoes and brusselsprouts- now that the tastebuds are awake we can let the "real" feast begin! Show them no mercy!!

1 orange
1 lb tofu
2 tbsp soy sauce
1/2 cup(125ml) oil (canola works best since you will be frying on high)
sprinkle of brown sugar

Potatoes and brusselsprouts:
twice the volume of potatoes as you use brussel sprouts
1 large bell pepper per 4 people
1/4cup olive oil
herbs de province

Sauce- goes on potatoes and brusselsprouts
1/2cup tahini or sesami seed butter
1/3cup miso (red works best)
1/4cup vinegar (I found this a little much so probably 1 tblsp would work)
pepper and garlic to taste (skip the salt, miso is plenty salty)

1) drain and press the tofu and set aside for 30min to 1hr
2) prepare the marinade for the tofu
-squeeze the juice out of the orange, add oil and soy sauce
3)dice the potatoes or use baby potatoes. add the brussell sprouts oil, herbs de province and bell pepper in an oven pan and cook at 350C until tender. You can always cheat and pre boil the potatoes for about 5 min before baking to reduce the time
3) once the tofu is done dice it up and set in marinade and set aside
4)create the sauce
-add all the ingredients for the sauce together and set aside. you should whisk it and add water until it is nice and light
5)throw the tofu on a frying pan and fry it up with all the juicy marinade. Keep frying until everything but the oil evaporates. sprinkle on brown sugar and let it carmalize
6) heat up sauce

Once it is done enjoy. put the sauce on the potatoes and brussel sprouts

Dessert: I'm no baker so my mom made apple pie. I don't think its totally vegan, but I do know that she used vegetable shortening instead of lard at least.

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vegan easter!
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