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 Your personal 21-day plan for going vegan

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PostSubject: Your personal 21-day plan for going vegan   Wed Sep 09, 2009 4:35 am

The PCRM have brought out a new project to help those wanting to go vegan. I'm not a great fan low-fat vegan diet except for those with medical issue where low fat can really help (like cholesterol issues, obesity etc). I worry a little about getting the calories when you're training hard, but if you're ok about the low-fat vegan routine, or even want to just try it out you can join it here &/or check out the recipes here
It might be a good starting point if you have no idea what to eat as a vegan, but bear in mind if you are training you calorie intake has to be quite different from the non-training average persons eating, so monitor your energy levels & weight whenever you make a radical shift in eating.
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Your personal 21-day plan for going vegan
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