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 Brighton Vegfest 2012

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PostSubject: Brighton Vegfest 2012   Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:04 pm

Was pretty awesome this year. We didn't have a stall (which I admit must have made it LESS awesome than it could have been!), but it was pretty good for me as for the first time in many, many years I actually got to go as a visitor, not a stall holder!
I must admit I did do a fair bit of drumming up support for VBB with the stallholders & got a few new companies onboard . I rarely eat junk, so on the Sunday I managed to get myself a sugar high by bounding down the vegan junk food! It seemed to make me a bit more productive though as I rush around to loads of companies & got them thinking about working with us on some projects!
It was a pretty hectic weekend. Met up with Pat Reeves who had rushed back from Germany to attend (she was judging a WDFPA powerlifting meet in Germany the day before the vegfest), had guests each evening until late, so now having a slow one recovering from the weekend.
Highlights where:
Meeting up with the veganicity guys, discovering a brand new company called Brighton superfoods co they have some useful stuff (I got goji berries, acerola owder & a steel water bottle), meeting a mad lady, who was really really mad, meeting up with Coach Gary & James, seeing quite a few very small new vegan people who had appeared since I last saw a few friends (yes, many new vegan babies - imagine the advantages you'd have if you'd been raised vegan!), met many new people & discovered a few new foods to test out...oh yea & you can't forget Mr Maz taking over the cooking contest (did you expect anything less from Maz the gob! Very Happy )

All in all a very good weekend & hopefully we'll be doing events there in 2012, so I won't be able to trundle around so much , but you will be able to do a contest & visit me on the VBB stall (hopefully anyway!)
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Brighton Vegfest 2012
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