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 Issues, compensations & imbalances

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PostSubject: Issues, compensations & imbalances   Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:29 pm

I've found a couple of issues with stability while moving & hamstring dominance over glute, not major, but I will be working on them with some different bits in my warm-up & training, that should enhance the stability hopefully give back some dominance to the glutes. I think a lot of us find that after training for a while we have actually developed a rather nice collection of compensations that allow us to do stuff, but in completely the wrong way Rolling Eyes I know I have & so I'm now adding in some correctives, I'm not a fan of light correctives, if you have a core stability issue a one leg deadlift done with decent can get the job done (in my view) better than many hours spent balanced on a bosu with a pink dumbbell, waving your arms like a mad-man! I think as much as possible training should be heavy, yes you need corrections, no you don't need to use a pink dumbbell. Sometimes in rehab maybe the pink DB has a place, but other than that, if you could be lifting heavy & you are choosing a pink dumbbell it is a badge of shame, you are dodging the reason you are in the gym, to get stronger (& look better if that's a goal for you-you look better by getting stronger too)!
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Issues, compensations & imbalances
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