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 From the great Northwest

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PostSubject: From the great Northwest   Fri Feb 10, 2012 9:22 am

I am new to being a vegan, as in super new! I considered myself smart in the terms of nutrition, hence the bodybuilding, but as I got more into over the past year I have began to hate myself getting over 250 grams of my protein from meats, knowing full well what I was supporting with my dollars, but not taking time to find another way. Sure I was eating tons of organic foods and healthy veggies but when it came time to eat my meat for protein, I downed it quick and pushed on.

Talking with some friends, having them come to me for meal guidance with weight loss, muscle gain, change etc, I would always explain to them about the meat packing industry, have them watch a few videos from netflix, (Have a good 5 or 6 documentaries that are always fun to show, really in love with Dr. Gerson) but then I would still tell them to eat meat! It killed me, I knew what I was doing but then I was having other people contribute...

Tearing into amino acids. Then I cut all this "complete amino" bs out! I consider myself educated so I did my own research at my college and just in general, and came to the conclusion, there is a way! Introducing my new vegan self, I can't say my muscle was built upon a vegan base but I can say as my muscles turnover and any growth from here on out, it will be vegan!

I found this website when searching for ways to increase aa content of rice and if it could be done as sprouting grain, and I found an article for soaking brown rice from 2008 from blogspot for!

Anyways that is what brought me here, I cannot say I am very active on boards and such but this looks to be a nice little spot to invest some time.

I am 6 3, 240, Scandinavian blood runs through me, and currently preparing for a contest in April!

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PostSubject: Re: From the great Northwest   Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:57 pm

Hi Jake,
I must admit it is better to change diets off-season, if you check out some nutritional issues that come up. Simple things like vegans actually have different intestinal bacteria to meat eaters, so you will have to swap over all the stuff living in your body (check out this link for the full study about difference in vegan & meat eaters internal bacteria). That being said as you've made the change now we'll have to knuckle down & get on with it.
I'm assuming you've got the basics down:
vit B12 (from multui vit or a separate pill whatever)
EFAs (for contest prep I'd consider both a ALA source first thing AM - so flax, walnuts or hemp, just a tablespoon, then any time later some DHA/EPA pills from an algae source)
vit D (if you are in a colder climate - you can now get vegan vit D3, I recommend that these days)

Shakes you can get pea, rice, hemp or soya

I've written a general guide, but it's not really suitable for something as specialist as contest dieting, so won't really be that useful. Your best guide will be to look at previous contest preps that have gone well & have similar macro-nutrient ratios with just a hint more protein.

Foods like tofu will probably become your friend Very Happy

You've picked the hardest time to make the switch during the contest prep as any errors can show up big time as you play with food intakes. I would suggest you get a probiotic & some digest enzymes, just to ease the transition in the intestines as the old bacteria die off & the new stuff takes its place, for a time this can cause a loss in the ability to assimilate stuff as well, so take care with that. I'm not sure if you are more carb sensitive (if so all carbs or specific types, or fat sensitive dieter), more people can get away with lowering carbs, bear in mind a lot of the carbs in beans are actually insoluble, but the down side of beans is right now you bacteria going crazy could mean some flatulence in you go very bean heavy & I'd actually be easing down on the beans in someone's contest prep about now (but still keeping in tofu & possible unsweetened soya milk) if the contest was early me when I say you know the diet isn't easy anyway, you've made it about 25% harder, but you're a big lad, I'm sure you can handle it Twisted Evil
Generally speaking if you can soaking any nuts, seeds or grains increase their nutrient content one way or another, they are usually not bad without soaking, but soaking makes them a little bit better. If possible I soak nuts & grains (like for example breakfast I soak the nuts & oats the night before I eat them), but I don't avoid foods just because say a nut isn't soaked, that's being stupid, an unsoaked nut is still pretty awesome...but actually you get very little of those as you're contest prepping Laughing
If you have any issues post them on the board, we are here to help you out, just remember your contest diet will not resemble your 'normal' vegan diet, you'll have limited food choices & limited calories & feel like crap, just like any other bodybuilding contest diet Twisted Evil After the diet you can introduce yourself to the fun side of vegan eating!
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From the great Northwest
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