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 Just a closer wok with me...

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PostSubject: Just a closer wok with me...   Sat Jan 28, 2012 4:09 am

My birthday is just around the corner and my lady surprised me with a really pucca copper clad stainless steel wok. So dinner last night was an oriental stir fry. However since I also like Indian food I went looking for interesting curry recipes for tonight. This search led me to recipes for balti, which is as much British as Indian--"balti houses" are common in the U.K., although not so much in the U.S. Balti is often translated as "bucket," which doesn't sound particularly nommie, but it generally is.
Track these recipes with Google, there are many.

Dessert will probably be kheer, Indian rice pudding [/i]
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Just a closer wok with me...
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