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 Debunking the Paleo myth - Primitive nutrition on youtube

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PostSubject: Debunking the Paleo myth - Primitive nutrition on youtube    Mon Dec 12, 2011 5:20 am

Here's episode 1

It is about 70 video clips, but covers everything - I have a small interest in old time physical culture & it pointed me to a few books I've not read before on health from the late 19th/ early 20th century. I've not watched everything yet, but I intend to continue over the next few days & get them all watched. I've had to dig up some books & studies (I'm kind of anal I like to see the original texts of studies & books & read them all as you can take anything out of context), but it will give me some reading for a few weeks as I plough through the references.
So far though I recommend it. You can see how Eskimos were considered by some authors as weak (& die very, very young), the Maasai tribe not only do not get involved in physical activity, but also chronically under eat.
It's weird we are facing the same arguments that went around at the beginning to middle of the 20th Century in the physical culture movement, - whether plant based or meat was best for the physical body - (in my view) last time Bob Hoffman won that for the meat eaters by promoting a meat diet, but not telling everyone he was also introducing steroids to his weightlifters, so the whole idea of plant based idea for building strength virtually vanished until recently & now we are making a comeback, this time I hope we make more of a difference!
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Debunking the Paleo myth - Primitive nutrition on youtube
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