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 Weston Price Foundation support paedophile

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PostSubject: Weston Price Foundation support paedophile   Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:38 am

The WPF is a lobby group that is funded by the grass fed meat & milk industry, it is basically a corruption of the work of a man called Weston Price. They are against soya (Dr Weston Price had no issue with soya), they encourage meat use (Dr Price once wrote a letter begging that children of his close family become vegetarian) & so he must be rolling in his grave with the way they use his name. Now they are paying the costs of a convicted paedophile to get meat in his diet. He is claiming that eating a vegan diet is "Cruel & unusual" treatment for a convict. I'd say he was damn lucky to get a vegan diet. I don't have much sympathy for child abusers as I know some people who've suffered this & anyone hurting a child like that deserves the longest sentence you can get! The only trouble with feeding the guy vegan is he will probably live longer & still be sexually active into old age, which isn't what you'd want. I'd much prefer the guy to become impotent due to clogging arteries, maybe even die well before he gets out from arteriosclerosis issues. Sorry to be so harsh on this one, but do know some people who've suffered with this issue & it annoys me a lot!
Here's the link to read it yourself
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Weston Price Foundation support paedophile
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