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 A rice and bean stew

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PostSubject: A rice and bean stew   Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:51 am

Brown rice made in rice cooker. (Takes much longer than white rice. For my cooker it's like 75 minutes.)

In crock pot, bag of black eyed beans (which is about 3 cups), and two chopped up medium sized onions, heaping spoon of curry, heaping spoon of salt.

When the beans were done I added a heaping spoon of chili powder and half a can of tomato sauce. And went ahead and just put the rice in with it.

Then for each bowl, I add one or two heaping spoons of finely ground flax meal.

Tastes really good.

Note on flax. I think it keeps my knees good for running. In particular my right knee that I must have injured somehow years ago. If I regularly eat right it feels OK. If I don't, it starts hurting. Eating "right" consists of making sure to keep flax in my diet for one thing. Also avoiding foods with added oils seems to help. Things like corn chips, etc seem to cause a bit of joint inflammation perhaps.

I had trouble consuming flax for years though. The first time I tried to get some flax I bought flax oil that was rancid. I didn't realize it was rancid and thought that's how it was supposed to taste. (And it was awful).

Then I tried whole flax seeds blended in a fruit smoothie. Problem there is that it can still be a bit gritty. I even use a 400 dollar vitamix and still, it definitely tastes better without the flax!

Then I tried just adding some ground flax to oatmeal. But the ground flax wasn't ground fine at all and it was extremely gritty. Was like adding dirt to my oatmeal and just tasted awful. And truthfully I really at this point wondered about other people advocating such a thing. Wondered if they were just extreme health nuts who had completely turned their taste buds off. And/or extreme militant vegans who'd happily recommend that everyone start eating cardboard boxes, etc.

Finally though I simply purchased some flax meal that was adequately ground to a pretty fine powder. And adding it to oatmeal or rice and bean stews does actually improve the taste.
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A rice and bean stew
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