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 Not been around too much

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PostSubject: Not been around too much   Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:55 am

Hi everyone I just thought I'd explain why I've not been around so much the last few weeks.

I've been writing a new presentation for the West Midlands Vegan Festival I've also been helping with the launch of the vitashine D3, new size opti3 DHA/EPA & sorting out getting the new all-in-one product to the event (hopefully that will get sorted out & launched at our stall), as well as arm-twisting a few people to turn up at the stall so you can pick their brains while you're there...oh yea & the launch of a new veggie/vegan magazine will be on our our stall as well, so it's been pretty hectic.
As well as that I'm also working on Animals charities fair on Nov 6, so I've been helping with that project as well, so all in all I've been fairly busy.
I have been spending some time catching up on some training information as well, watching a few videos, reading some books etc. So, spending time on the net as well has been quite short, I've mainly been collecting emails & not really digging around too much as I've simply not had the time. I'll be putting a bit more effort into putting some new stuff on the board over the weekend, so hopefully you'll find something useful & new here any day!
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Not been around too much
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