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 Raw vegan muscle DVD

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PostSubject: Raw vegan muscle DVD   Sun Jun 19, 2011 1:01 am

Has anyone seen this? I'm not a raw food guy (that is I do tend to eat fruits, veggies & salad stuff uncooked daily, but I do not in any way exclude cooked vegan food). I'm often on the lookout for variations in dietary choices, if nothing else if you can change up the diet a little & keep adding muscle, then generally variety itself is a good thing. My one concern is I have seen a lot of raw food books & videos. Most come under two categories. One is what I call propaganda - that is they go on about how fantastic it is being raw, how you feel great etc, but fail to get into details. They don't put out a pile of food & say "I eat this for breakfast, this for dinner...etc" it's all vague about how much & what to eat. The second type of product I've seen often says "Yes, I had trouble going raw then I used THIS!" ...'THIS' being a product like 'magic water', magic fruit or seed, or other magic product that if you simply add it will make everything alright...strangely enough the person on the video is often the product seller...that's right we're talking an old fashioned snake-oil salesman.
I do think eating raw foods everyday are pretty important for maximum health; eating oils (that includes oil containing foods like nuts), fruits, leaves etc daily as raw probably do help you attain maximum health. I'm not so certain (well I pretty much know) that a 100% raw diet has not been shown to be more beneficial than one containing a mix of cooked & raw foods (there is a counter argument that not only have we evolved over time to the inclusion of some cooked foods, but that our large brains only evolved once we included the more concentrated calories available from cooked food). Obviously there are outliers in every field, so are the people on this video a 'normal' result of their diet & training or are they one of a very few who can achieve those results using their diet? I can't answer that as the research isn't out there - I would love to get a few skinny raw food guys & gals & see what can get done if they ate & trained more like an athlete who wanted weight gain - it would be interesting to see how a group would work, that way you could see an average gain & not just rely on individual results.

Anyway, I'm all over the place with this post! I was really just asking if you've seen the video (you can check it out by clicking here ), if so what did you think?
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Raw vegan muscle DVD
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