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 Cows - more clever than you think!

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PostSubject: Cows - more clever than you think!   Sun Jun 19, 2011 12:22 am

You need to watch the video on this one, here's the link.
I've been to quite a few animal sanctuaries over the years & have met quite a few shockingly bright cows (I could say brighter than a few people I know Laughing ). People seem to realise that other people can be different, but dump other breeds of animals in groups, so they are 'just' a cow, cat or elephant & assume they all act the same. Non-human animals, like people, all have different personalities, quirks & preferences. In many ways mammals at least are pretty similar in the way we react & perceive the world, at least enough so when you know an animal you can see when it's happy, sad, interested, just been naughty etc.
I just hope the cow gets saved from the slaughter house...I know it's probably not any more deserving than any other cow in the herd, but anyone that can get saved is a good thing I reckon!
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Cows - more clever than you think!
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