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 My pet peeve-bad training advice

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PostSubject: My pet peeve-bad training advice   Tue Aug 25, 2009 7:03 am

I've mentioned this before on the VBB email list but I thought I'd mention it as there are some new people here & there is so much confusion about training (especially women training) that we need to confront some types of training protocols & face up to what they actually mean in practice.
I don't often single out people, but I have been forced to in the case of Tracy Anderson check out
this where you see the quote about women NEVER using more than 3 pound weights...think about what this means, a women will get bulky if she ever lifts more than 3 you really believe women are designed to be so frail that 3 pounds is their maximum ability? If so you have a very low opinion of the females of this world in my view.
From this video it would appear you do cardio in extreme heat for several hours, then you basically eat very little so you exist as a stick-person, no fat, no muscle, just bone & skin.
The second clip is another example of clouded thinking & mistaken ideas, check out the video here I particularly like the way she 'knits muscles & re-engineers the muscular structure against genetics' these are terms we all should be learning when we are taught the basics of training physiology Laughing strangely though we don't get taught to 'knit' those muscles, nor are we taught how to go against our genetics like Ms Anderson has learnt how to do...yes, you guessed it, it's meaningless babble, it is physiological nonsense that she seems to believe sounds hi-tech or knowledgeable, but just displays her utter misunderstanding of the basic ideas that surround training.
I can show you in a sentence or 2 what you do to get results like her's. Stage 1 under eat, stage 2 do light cardio for very long duration. Bingo! that's it, that's what the women who are stars do or models to keep themselves looking like that. That & plastic surgery here & there, a bit of botox & result.
Basically if you want to be a physically underachieving individual who has to rely on someone (probably a man) to open every lid, carry every bag or lift anything more than a can of beans (a small one) then sure this is the training for you.
Now before you get all up in arms I'm not saying it's impossible to get more bulky than you'd like training with weights. On occasion you can if you've got a stocky build or have a tendency to build very large muscles, but this can be controlled by the type of training, the diet & the amount of cardio without the need for all this dis-function they are building into these females. Will you get as thin as these people..probably not as they have no muscle, no fat, just skin & bone. Will you have a pleasing shape..for sure! And you'll be strong enough to live a normal life, be injury-proofed more & you will actually come to enjoy your strength & the feeling of freedom it brings you.
Don't believe the hype pick up a book like The new rules of lifting for women & learn to lift in way that will add to your life in a positive way.
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PostSubject: Re: My pet peeve-bad training advice   Thu Sep 02, 2010 4:18 pm

I wish I could bulk up by lifting little more than 3 pounds, instead I have to lift really heavy weights and eat lots of protein and little junk food. Neutral
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My pet peeve-bad training advice
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