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 bulk eating/training with full time work

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PostSubject: bulk eating/training with full time work   Thu Jun 02, 2011 12:58 pm

Hey guys

I'm new to this website and forum, I found it through youtube looking for vegan bulking tips.
I'm 22 and have been vegan nearly 4 years now. My average weight has been 9 stone over the past year or two so I decided to join the gym and get a programme started with a trainer there. I'm also in the process at the moment of finding a decent diet plan.

Which has lead me here.

I start a new job tomorrow and it's a fair travel from where I live, so I now won't have nearly as much time to train and everything else.

What would be a good way to fix this? Get up earlier and go to the gym before going to work? And if this is the case should I change my eating habits to compensate?

Any help would be appreciated. I weigh 56 KGs and have never been more motivated to put some weight on!
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PostSubject: Re: bulk eating/training with full time work   Mon Jun 06, 2011 4:13 am

There are several options for you.
First off is training early. The best way is to have a shake first thing (unless you have cast iron guts anything more will make you feel sick when you train), get to the gym, work out shake & food then off to work, some people can only actually manage some amino acids early, so be prepared for experimentation.
The second option is you could find a gym near your work & go after work, then go home. Ideally for this option you should have a shake or a snack about an hour & a half-2 hours before hit the gym, then have a shake after. You would have to take your gym stuff & necessary food, shakes etc to work).
Third option is to create a home gym with a bench, power rack or safety squat bars barbell & dumbbells. This assumes you have some room & if you live with anyone they are happy to lose the space!
I remember hitting 9 stone (I actually weighed a lot less before I started training!).
I don't think you'll need to change your diet too much from the normal, as lunch time will be fixed due to work that will be one main meal, one main meal in the evening. The main changes could be a shake then main breakfast after training, or training then main meal if it's evening training.
Keep us up to date with what you decide & how you're getting on. Also once you've decided we can maybe discuss in more details the options you have.
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bulk eating/training with full time work
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