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 From San Diego CA

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PostSubject: From San Diego CA   Sun May 08, 2011 10:39 pm

OK, I am new to the forum, avid vegetarian/ vegan for years...lost count--maybe 35 (I did have meat in 1990 when I was pregnant w/ eldest- I had been vegetarian at that point for 14 years and "just wanted it"--...and, two years ago I added egg whites to my diet..I digress...I am 49, will be 50 and can pass for 40 (Its the Diet---we all already know that), was a runner, 1/2 marathons and marathons and big time hiker/endurance person for years and two years ago I had to stop. I always said, "What would I do if I can't run?--I hate the gym" , as I have trained off/on for years but had always picked a 10 mile run over an hour in the gym. Well, now I am in the gym, not quite in love---but I show up-consistently- for that same length of time a run could have been. And now, truth be said, years ago during a phase where I was in the gym 2x/ week or so lifting, I wanted to do a competition.

Well, I saw my first competition this past Sat nite in San Jose--and I am doing my first contest in July- 45 Master Fitness, and Open Fitness B class. Right now I am about 12 - 14% body weight, if that much. I am all about losing fat and gaining muscle-not weight and my legs and glutes are my focus. I do cardio everyday on a stair mill between 33 and 46 minutes on level 15 plus and w/ varying intensities. and I could use some food tips on leaning it out. Here is my problem ( which is why I added egg whites), I have bad stomach aches and i am food sensitve and I am on a gluten free diet as it is the best for the stomach issues. I am limited. I am dreading living on tofurkey, egg white and a tsp of peanut butter on a rice cake fot the next 10 weeks. Help?

Am going to journal my training and see how it goes, starting Now!

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PostSubject: Re: From San Diego CA   Sun Jul 03, 2011 2:51 am

Sorry this post appears to have been lost 'in the mix' somehow!
OK I'll be honest dieting for contest is bad, it's hard for anyone, you really do have to suffer some. Your goal is to get your fat levels lower than nature intended & to hold onto muscle while doing it! It's a bitch!!!
It must be getting near right now. At the moment you should be eating a load of tofu, some rice or rice alternative like quinoa (pronounced 'Keen-wa"), buckwheat (not a wheat & it's gluten free), some leafy greens, some oat alternative for breakfast (so amaranth does a fair porridge substitute...kind of). It really depends upon exactly what you can eat with your stomach issues. Contest, by definition, does also mean a fair amount of protein shakes (I really like people to have some 'green powder' with their shake-so spirulina, chlorella, moringa, greens-plus, I don't care, & some fibre product as well as you will be having a few a day towards the end of contest prep) Pea protein would be my choice towards the end of contest prep. Also don't forget your EFA (essential fatty acids), so a tablespoon of flax (or walnuts, or hemp seeds) AM & 2 DHA pills (DHA from algae) in the evening. You'll also want a good multi vit/min.
Sorry again about the delay, I appear to have overlooked this post completely for some reason?
All the best with the contest & good luck Very Happy
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From San Diego CA
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