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 reliance on meat analogues

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PostSubject: reliance on meat analogues   Sat Mar 26, 2011 12:05 am

Now that I'm working more, I find I'm relying more and more on meat analogues like tinned nut meat and wheat gluten, veggie roasts and sausages etc. I'm more time-poor and after work I just want something fast for dinner that I can just throw together. They're also very convenient to bring to eat at other people's places.
These products are so high in protein, for example, Sanitarium's "rediburger" has 15g of protein in each 65g serve. Plus they're enriched with iron, B12, and zinc.
I'd like to try getting back to eating more whole foods, but I find I can't graze at work like I do at home, so I have more trouble eating enough protein and calories in general.
What are your thoughts on these products?
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reliance on meat analogues
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