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 Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk - Presidents cancer panel

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PostSubject: Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk - Presidents cancer panel   Wed Mar 09, 2011 4:20 am

I just read the guidelines set out in this report. To be honest it was a little bit disappointing. It tended towards what you can avoid doing, not what you can actively do.
For example I only found one brief mention of vegetables & fruits having a protective effect in 'Sec2:48' (I could have missed some, but I did do several searches afterwards to confirm there were no others).
The guidelines on 'Sec2:111' give individuals guidelines. There are some good ones like 'avoid pesticides' & the possible effects of processed & well cooked meats are covered ( pages Sec1:xx, Sec2:112). I don't think enough about the good effects of consuming fruits & veggies are highlighted enough, but maybe that wasn't the idea of the report?
Anyway you'll find nothing too shocking in the report I don't think, but some of you may find it interesting.

Just searched out 'Presidents cancer panel' & it seems they do a different report every year. I'm just checking out Promoting healthy lifestyles report. I've just done a quick search & it appears to be saying about eating with quotes like:

Quote :
Available evidence suggests that a diet generally high in fruits and vegetables and relatively
low in meat and fat reduces the risk of certain cancers and other diseases. Because fruits
and vegetables have low energy density (i.e., few calories relative to volume) eating them
as part of a reduced-calorie diet can be beneficial for weight management

& as interesting:
Quote :

It now is recognized that this population’s diet likely is deficient
in nutrients found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grain products.

This bit about advertisements for children said a lot as well:

Quote :
To provide a benchmark against which to measure industry improvements in food
advertising to children and teens, in March 2007 the Kaiser Family Foundation (Kaiser)
published the results of a study that analyzed over 8,800 food ads broadcast during
more than 1,600 hours of television content on the 13 television networks most popular
with youth. Of all of the food ads targeting children and teens, 34 percent were for
candy and snacks, 28 percent were for cereal, and 10 percent were for fast food.
Four percent of the ads were for dairy products and one percent were for fruit juices.
There were no ads for fruits or vegetables targeting this audience.

As I said not shocking....but really it should be!!!!
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Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk - Presidents cancer panel
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