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 What age do you wean babies?

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PostSubject: What age do you wean babies?   Sun Jan 16, 2011 1:53 pm

The title of the article I read was Is breast Not Best for Babies? which is misleading as it was just research to decide weaning age. At the moment it's set at 6 months, but these researchers suggest that it should be 4 months in Europe. My only concern is that 3 of the 4 researchers are, or had, worked for the baby formula industry - I have no fixed view on weaning, often the child will 'let you know' when they want to start eating food & introduction of soft puréed foods can be anywhere from 4 months onwards really.
I just found it interesting that they suggest that 4 months could be suitable for every child - I think probably not.
& a final point breast is always the best option (unless you were like my friend & born allergic to human milk!..ultra rare!!!!)

Scientific American article
The actual study
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PostSubject: Re: What age do you wean babies?   Wed Jan 19, 2011 9:36 pm

When I studied child health promotion last year, the World Health Organisation said that there were proven benefits for breastfeeding up to the age of two and possibly beyond, so they recommend age two as a minimum weaning age, except in the case of a mother with HIV/AIDS and a non-HIV/AIDS baby if there is reliable access to suitable formula. I don't have any kids myself, but as a naturopath this sounds like bad information. There needs to be a lot more breastfeeding support in Australia, and probably other countries too. I get the impression many women are giving up too easily on breast feeding when they have a problem, and don't know what to do about it.
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What age do you wean babies?
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