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 Finger length predicts mental toughness in sport

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PostSubject: Finger length predicts mental toughness in sport   Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:41 pm

Even though my ring finger is slightly longer than my index finger I think there is more to 'mental toughness' than how much testosterone you floated in when in the womb.
Obviously genetics plays a large part in sporting ability & success, you can't argue that one. I suspect upbringing may play a part in mental toughness as well & certainly you can develop mental toughness to some extent, so it cannot be totally pre-determined.
The study suggests that anyone with a ring finger longer than their index finger is more likely to excel in sport & also be more aggressive. I've not read the study myself, nor am I a psych expert, so I'm not sure I could interpret results with any accuracy if I saw it?

but here is a quick article on the results:

Quote :

Finger length 'affects sporting aptitude'

An aptitude for sport may be biologically determined, it has been suggested, after new research found finger length affects performance and mental toughness in physical activities.

An ongoing project conducted by Dr Jim Golby and Jennifer Meggs from Teesside University is seeking to investigate the relationship between a person's 2D:4D ratio - the difference between their index and ring finger - and their aggression and sporting success.

In findings that will be presented at the Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology's Annual Conference on December 10th, the analysts show participants with high ratios - who have therefore been exposed to more testosterone in the womb - were more likely to demonstrate psychological toughness and have greater sporting achievements.

Dr Golby said: "This provides tentative support for the conclusion that mental toughness may be partially biologically predetermined."
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Finger length predicts mental toughness in sport
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