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 Magnetic nano-hedgehogs produce 'lab-on-a-track'

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PostSubject: Magnetic nano-hedgehogs produce 'lab-on-a-track'    Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:29 pm

A new hand held device is being tested by UK Athletics that help an athlete adjust training according to hormone &/or other bio-markers. Normal tests take a few days to be sent off, analysed & results returned. This can be done on the track! If affective it could be a great way to design your training according to your actual needs & to personalise when & how hard you train. Obviously it's not the final answer as many other factors affect the total training package, but it could be a new tool in the box for trainers.
See the link below for the New Scientist article:

New Scientist article
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Magnetic nano-hedgehogs produce 'lab-on-a-track'
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