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 Higher Protein/Lower GI the secret of fat control?

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PostSubject: Higher Protein/Lower GI the secret of fat control?   Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:05 am

A couple of studies came out last month about which diet seems to work best for keeping fat levels under control. One for adults, one for children. Both found that a higher protein diet (not 'bodybuilding high' mind you) & choosing lower GI foods seemed to be the best way to keep fat levels under control. Obviously this isn't the obesity 'riddle' solved as the first article implies with the title - if I find anyone eating raw carrots & cold potato I might just slap them around the head too. so be warned! clown

I stumbled on a couple of articles here:

The Obesity Riddle Finally Solved

Obesity riddle solved? Hardly.

The two abstracts of the studies mentioned are:

For Adults

For Children

Hopefully what you'll take home from these is to try & have a decent protein source with every meal & when there is an option maybe choosing lower GI foods might be the better option (which usually means the wholefoods!).
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Higher Protein/Lower GI the secret of fat control?
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