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 Another Brit...

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PostSubject: Another Brit...   Mon Dec 06, 2010 1:07 pm

So here's my introduction...

I am new to fitness... I have a disability called dyspraxia which, for most my life put me off sports. I got bullied a lot in school because I do not have great co-ordination and as a result, I shied away hugely from exercise... Heck, I wouldn't even go bowling and couldn't dance until I was wasted!

So I got to 12 stone 5 (that's 168 lb) and had a waist line of 40 inches... I was embarrassed to go out a lot and found clothes hard to fit, as I'm only 5'4... I lived with a guy who called me fat a lot and said how nobody was ever going to want to be with me, but to cut a long story short, when I managed to escape the place, I joined a gym and turned my life around...

I got tired of using my dyspraxia as an excuse for sitting on my arse drinking beer and eating chips... I was depressed, I drank a lot, I was starting to slip back in to smoking and my knees were achy in the winter (I am double jointed too). I decided I wanted to go to the gym, shift the weight and feel better about myself. Since April, I have lost about 24lb and around 7 inches around my waist and I have a new passion for fitness (I was off a month due to a climbing injury and couldn't make a couple of weeks due to going on holiday)...

I am aiming for a 30 inch waist, or maybe smaller... But I'd really like to start body building, as I have always loved muscle and now feel empowered enough to tone up myself (obviously, I'm aware I won't look like she-hulk). Very Happy I know I need to be careful with form, but I am ready for a challenge and I already enjoy lifting weights. I hope to get some tips on this forum...

Apart from that... Well, I enjoy cooking, I like to socialise, I often get involved in activism and I enjoy music and a good horror films... I am very much interested in current affairs and sometimes enjoy a spot of meditation.

I look forward to reading about people's experiences on this forum!

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PostSubject: Re: Another Brit...   Mon Dec 06, 2010 3:22 pm

That's great that you've decided to get into fitness. So many people without any excuse never get around to it so reading your example is great!
As long as your medical professional is ok I don't see any reason you can't get into awesome shape. Basically you need to eat enough decent food, train & rest. Sure you'll need to be extra careful with form & exercise choice...but I can't see any reason that the goal isn't 100% achievable. Obviously genetics will decide just what size you can get in terms of muscle size, & muscle shape & symmetry is just about all genetic, so no one can guarantee you'll get a physique suitable for the stage, but most people can get a very decent body (think 'beach body') with the right dedication & from the sounds of things you certainly have that!
As for the guy who called you names. I think we've all met the type. They don't want you to improve because then it shows them just how bad they are themselves. Forgetting losers like that is a great step forward in my view. Losing 24 pounds is something to be proud of & if you actually think how big 7 inches is!!! affraid you made some tremendous strides in both how you look & your health.
I'm really looking forward to your posts as it will be great to see the size drop away & the health continue to improve - it will be an amazing adventure!
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Another Brit...
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