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 Cardio during bulking?

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PostSubject: Cardio during bulking?   Fri Nov 19, 2010 8:49 pm

Hey guys, im in the process of bulking right now, and ill probably be bulking for around 2 or 3 more months. while im bulking should i still do cardio daily, or should i just stick to lifting? and btw how much fat do people normally gain while bulking compared to muscle?

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PostSubject: Re: Cardio during bulking?   Sat Nov 20, 2010 6:54 am

A lot depends on your age & other health factors. Bulking doesn't actually have to mean sitting on your butt all day & cramming (vegan variety) pizza all day. I've hit over 7,000 calories in the past eating what would be considered by most to be healthy food - just a hell of a lot of it!
Some basic guidelines are, if you have any condition such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure or other medical issue, I'd avoid bulking at all & go for a slower leaner build-up. Assuming you are healthy here's what I'd do:

For the ectomorph (those that are naturally thin) - leave the cardio alone or do short, very intense HIIT style (such as sprints, bike sprints, swimming sprints etc), or alternatively very, very low intensity (like a walk). For any sports person (such as an off-season soccer, football or other athlete), then keeping a minimum cardio base is pretty important ,so balance up any gains with possible loss of athletic ability.

Mesomorph (naturally lower fat, easy muscle gainer) - I'd suggest a bit of cardio, again move towards shorter, more intense stuff or ultra low intensity (so sprints or walking as opposite choices).

Endomorph (those who cling onto fat) - you'll need to keep the cardio, sorry, but otherwise your fat will go into overtime & you'll end up looking like the Michelin man!

There is no standard amount that people gain during a bulk, a lot of people often set a waist size they will not go over (say a 2" girth increase). The amount of muscle to fat varies a hell of a lot, you'd like to be getting at least 50% more muscle than fat, most people would be unhappy with less than that I think, but it can go 1:1 fat to muscle in some cases. Basically you increase cardio if the fat starts getting out control, but....

...Here's how bulking goes for many (ESPECIALLY ectomorphs - the naturally skinny) - say you weigh 160 & you go on a bulk. After 2-3months you've added say 4 pounds of muscle & 2 pounds of fat (that would be good going by the way unless you're a new trainee). Now you look a little sloppy, but are 166. Now you hold at 166, but keep training hard. Many will find that if they hold the weight the composition slowly changes & you'll actually lose the extra fat, but hold the 166. It's almost like homeostasis sets a bodyweight, but is not so concerned with composition. Obviously this has a limit, but for many athletes that is the way they add mass, they go from a 'sloppy' weight, to the same weight, but tighter, then bulk to get a little bit sloppy at a higher weight, then tighten up at the higher weight again etc. In some ways it is similar to adding weight on the bar, where you move up in weight & get the reps, but it's sloppy, then you spend a few weeks at that weight mastering it, with the form tightening up, then you move up again once the form is good & again it's a bit off you go tightening up the form etc.

Sorry I couldn't give you definitive numbers, but there really aren't any. Basically you set how much you are willing to gain in fat & then work from there. Good luck with the bulk.
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Cardio during bulking?
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