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 Studies I want to see!

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PostSubject: Studies I want to see!   Fri Nov 19, 2010 11:30 am

...I thought it might be interesting to try to keep track of all the questions I wonder about and forget, then remember 5 months later, then forget again and so on... So I thought I'd start trying to hold on to them and figured I'd do so here on the off chance someone might have info about them. If no one else ever does, that's OK. I'll list them here so that at some point when I have time I'll research them myself.

1. Do people who don't eat breakfast live longer?
I always here how important eating breakfast is, that it speeds up the metabolism, etc, yet I suspect that periodic fasting may be good for the body and that having a slow metabolism (think turtles, LOL) may actually increase life expectancy. Scott Nearing (vegan who lived to 100) fasting one day a week comes to mind. Various religions have some traditional form of fasting.... (Why would they have traditional short fasts if it were really so bad for your health? (Well aware religion isn't always so logical of course but they don't generally have nutrition related rules that kill off their followers. At least not the ones that are still around!)

I guess furthermore: Do people who skip breakfast actually weigh more?
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Studies I want to see!
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