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 Stretching is bad for endurance performance same as for anaerobic performance

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PostSubject: Stretching is bad for endurance performance same as for anaerobic performance   Fri Nov 12, 2010 5:56 pm

Effects of Static Stretching on Energy Cost and Running Endurance Performance
Wilson, Jacob M; Hornbuckle, Lyndsey M; Kim, Jeong-Su; Ugrinowitsch, Carlos; Lee, Sang-Rok; Zourdos, Michael C; Sommer, Brian; Panton, Lynn B

Wilson, JM, Hornbuckle, LM, Kim, J.-S, Ugrinowitsch, C, Lee, S.-R, Zourdos, MC, Sommer, B, and Panton, LB. Effects of static stretching on energy cost and running endurance performance. J Strength Cond Res 24(9): 2274-2279, 2010-Stretching before anaerobic events has resulted in declines in performance; however, the immediate effects of stretching on endurance performance have not been investigated. This study investigated the effects of static stretching on energy cost and endurance performance in trained male runners. Ten trained male distance runners aged 25 ± 7 years with an average O2max of 63.8 ± 2.8 ml/kg/min were recruited. Participants reported to the laboratory on 3 separate days. On day 1, anthropometrics and O2max were measured. On days 2 and 3, participants performed a 60-minute treadmill run randomly under stretching or nonstretching conditions separated by at least 1 week. Stretching consisted of 16 minutes of static stretching using 5 exercises for the major lower body muscle groups, whereas nonstretching consisted of 16 minutes of quiet sitting. The run consisted of a 30-minute 65% [latin capital V with dot above]O2max preload followed by a 30-minute performance run where participants ran as far as possible without viewing distance or speed. Total calories expended were determined for the 30-minute preload run, whereas performance was measured as distance covered in the performance run. Performance was significantly greater in the nonstretching (6.0 ± 1.1 km) vs. the stretching (5.8 ± 1.0 km) condition (p < 0.05), with significantly greater energy expenditure during the stretching compared with the nonstretching condition (425 ± 50 vs. 405 ± 50 kcals). Our findings suggest that stretching before an endurance event may lower endurance performance and increase the energy cost of running.

I actually stretched for the first time today in probably like a year. Watched a video (thanks Pete) which showed how not being able to touch one's toes is primarily in their head and indeed that was the case for me. At first couldn't come close to touching my toes. Then was able to after putting one foot up on a stair and stretching that way. And then going back to both feet on ground.

But I was recalling stretching actually decreased performance for sprinting and that sort of thing and was wondering why again then do people stretch? Does it even really reduce the likelihood of injury?

I don't know. But apparently it's also hurts endurance performance. Perhaps one should only stretch afterwards... But I really wonder if it's of any use at all. This isn't to say that the video wasn't useful Pete, BTW.

I did then also look up strength training with endurance running. It was a randomized controlled trial which unfortunately found no improvement in running for those who added a strength training regimen for 8 weeks. But getting back to the video Pete. It's primarily a thing of avoiding injuries that they're talking about. The stretching may reduce injuries... maybe. And strength training may reduce running injuries, perhaps.
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Stretching is bad for endurance performance same as for anaerobic performance
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