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 The latest word.

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PostSubject: The latest word.   Wed Sep 01, 2010 6:57 pm

I just went through a Once-Over-Lightly physical exam--BP, cholesterol, muscle-tone, body-weight, and so. The people in the white coats reviewed my veggie and iron-pumping lifestyle and so forth, and agreed that if I was careful crossing the street I would probably live forever.

This will probably be a great comfort to my late father who was himself planning on living to a hundred. It really pissed him off when he didn't quite make his goal which was three years short...

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PostSubject: Re: The latest word.   Thu Sep 02, 2010 3:23 am

Nice one GF!
It's great when you come away from a medical with a good result. I like it when you have a doc that doesn't know you're meat-free then after the exam & the glowing report you tell them & they looked shocked Twisted Evil like it's surely impossible! Just think on your hundreth birthday we'll be expecting you to knock out 100 push-ups! No dodging now I've pencilled it in already!!! Laughing
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The latest word.
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