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 5 year old found weighing 12 stone (168 pounds)!

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PostSubject: 5 year old found weighing 12 stone (168 pounds)!   Sat Aug 28, 2010 9:34 am

I saw this article as well that was pretty shocking. I assume there must be some genetic issue as I would suspect it would be almost impossible to get a normal 5 year old up to that weight? It did appear that the parents probably had some mental issues from the article & are obviously unfit to look after kids if the reports are accurate.
Again I was just shocked to hear about a child getting to that size so I thought I'd put it up. As a final note I also noticed that a load of animals were removed, hopefully they'll get rehomed & assuming they too were neglected that the couple get banned from keeping pets ever again.

Quote :

Parents arrested after girl, 5, is found weighing 12 STONE in 'filthy' U.S. house

By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 12:54 AM on 25th August 2010

The parents of two of grossly obese young girls have been arrested on suspicion of child abuse after the youngsters were found living in squalid conditions.

The five-year-old child weighs 12 stone and her four-year-old sister six stone.

The normal weights for girls that age are just under three stone for a five-year-old and two-and-a-half stone for a child aged four.

The older girl's hair was found to be matted with head lice and she was so overweight that she cannot walk 10ft without wheezing.

Her sister was found lying on a filthy mattress with no bedding, wearing only a soiled nappy and sucking from a baby's bottle.

The arrest warrant for parents James and Anne Cordona said that the bottom of the younger child's feet were black from dirt and she was also covered in insect bites. Both face charges of child cruelty.

The youngsters were discovered living in the family's filthy, insect and mould-infested house in Marietta, Georgia.

Police said the property smelt of urine and was 'infested with roaches, fleas, cobwebs and gigantic spiders'.

Animal welfare officers found 18 animals living inside the house and removed five dogs, two cats, two turtles and nine birds.

However Mrs Cordona protested her innocence, telling local news station CBS Atlanta: 'I'm not guilty of anything.'

She was released on bail while her husband James Cordona remains in jail with a $5,000 (£3,000) bond.

Neither child was enrolled in school and both are now in care.

The couple were arrested after police responded to reports of a domestic dispute between two brothers at the home.

'The thing that bothered me most is the lack of clothes,' neighbour Larry Willis told local news.

'They didn't wear normal kid clothes. They were often dressed in robe-type clothes or diapers.'

'Quite often they would be outside playing in their diapers and barefooted,' Mr Willis added.

'And I don't remember seeing them in shoes, even in the cooler weather.'

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5 year old found weighing 12 stone (168 pounds)!
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