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 John the SuplementosDude

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PostSubject: John the SuplementosDude   Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:35 pm

Hi i m John Smile I m 23 & I m new to bodybilding. It is really exciting to shape ur body into such a marvel. Either you want to gain muscles or lose weight, body building gives you exciting results.

I have joined this Forum cuz it is very prestigious and have so many experienced, cooperative members & active members which are always there to help you with most fabulous advice & tips.

I love to learn from your experience and follow your sincere advice. Then my feedback on ur advice and tips will be very helpful to every person starting body building.

I was seriously overweight a year b4 weighing 198 pounds but now i lost all extra fat and became lean again Smile Right now my weight is 134 pounds, height is 5"9.

But going thru dieting brought energy level so down, i really want to feel alive again.

Please give me ur kind advice on how to increase bone density. As my wrist are not that thick.

Thanxs in Advance

YOUR New Fellow Member


suplementos alimentares
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PostSubject: Re: John the SuplementosDude   Tue Aug 03, 2010 1:39 am

Hi John,
Bone density & bone size are 2 different things. Lifting weights will increase bone density, not really increase bone size much. If you are lifting for shape then small bones have a real advantage as growing a little bit of muscle will look especially impressive with small joints (for an extreme example look at Frank Zane ( Clik here to see him ) or in more modern times Flex Wheeler ( Click here to see him )
134 pounds is quite small if you are lifting at 5ft 9 inches in height - that's 69 inches or 175.26 cm - Your metabolism is probably pretty slow right now if you've been dieting for a while. When you diet long term I usually suggest refeed days to boost the metabolism. I'd also aim at adding some more muscle as the more muscle you have the more calories you burn, so the more you can eat & the more energy you will feel you've got.
We'd have to see your diet & training to get a real idea of where you should go from here. If you can give us some details I'm sure we could offer you some ideas.
Welcome to the messageboard by the way!
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John the SuplementosDude
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