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 Sea Vegetables...

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PostSubject: Sea Vegetables...   Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:01 pm

Okay, I decided maybe the "sea weed" talk should just have its own thread.

Actually, I've had both of these, it was probably my fault to just mention "Dulse", interestingly the notes say, the sea weed Kelp in this case "expands to about 40% in liquid and will absorb up to five times its weight. Uncooked kelp is chewy until soaked or marinated." I'm not much of a cook myself, I'd like to find some Wakame, sea weed bread if I understand the terminology correctly.

No reason to get on a tangent on this.

For snacks, "dry roast in a skillet", "press into well-oiled medium skillet till crisp", this sounds good, I hear so many things about heating up say, olive oil that I'm not sure what would be a proper oil. Would EVOO, Extra Virgin Olive Oil be okay? Probably.

Thanks for all the answers. go to lengths not to call it "weed" anywhere on the packaging.
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Sea Vegetables...
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