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 Rippetoe Deadlifts

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PostSubject: Rippetoe Deadlifts   Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:26 pm

Has anyone had experience with Rippetoe Deadlifts?
I ran across a mention of these while looking for something else.

Mark Rippetoe provides a lengthy description in his article, “A New, Rather Long Analysis of the Deadlift.
But he isn’t completely clear in this, nor in the several YouTube segments in which he is seen instructing students.
It appears that his technique differs from more common deadlifts only that the lifter’s back is more arched.
I noticed at least one instructor, not Rippetoe, suggests that the back is to be strongly arched at the very beginning of the lift, thereby involving the back muscles to a larger extent than with other techniques.

Everyone seems to agree that dead lifting with a rounded back is asking for injury.

(Then there are people like Johnnie Jackson dead lifting 765 lbs.
…these guys make their own rules…)
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Rippetoe Deadlifts
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