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 unusual stuff about mushrooms

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PostSubject: unusual stuff about mushrooms   Mon Apr 05, 2010 3:40 pm

OK here's a couple of facts about mushrooms you might not know.
1/ If you put your mushroom out in the sunshine for a few minutes (or under the right type of UV light) it actually produced vitamin D (vitamin D2 to be precise). & it's not too bad a source either.
First here's 2 articles:

Here's 1
Here's 2

Now here's a couple of studies on mushrooms & vit D production:

Here's 1
Here's 2

More controversial is the second study I dug up & I'll tell you about it first, then give my thoughts on why it is:

B12 found in mushrooms!

(here's the same study published 2 places)



OK the first one is pretty straight forward. mushrooms do a similar job as humans do, expose them to UV they make vitamin D that's not a biggie....but the second one. The B12 in mushrooms needs some looking at. If that is true then we'd have found that elusive source of B12 from food, no need for pills, just eat your mushrooms! I think this needs some looking at though before you get too excited. B12 is produced as waste by certain bacteria. That bacteria grows in the stomachs of animals (especially those with several stomachs like cows). What do mushrooms grow in at most commercial farms? That's right animal waste (particularly cow waste). Looking at the study you see that the B12 is found on the outside of the mushroom. To me this actually hints at B12 cross-contamination from animal waste, not that the B12 was a naturally occurring by-product of mushroom growth. I'd need to see several studies. Including studies about mushrooms grown on a plant-based growing medium & rates of B12 produced before I could agree with including these as a possible source of B12.
Look at it this way, if the B12 is from animal waste contamination & is on the skin, then washing off the muck from a mushroom will also wash off the B12 (the alternative is to eat cow dung!), on the other hand if it turns out that B12 creation is a by-product of mushroom growth itself & there is a reliable source to be found in these foods then that would be very useful (assuming we get reliable amounts from the fungi). It will certainly be worth looking into & keeping our eyes open about if it gets looked at again over the next few years (which I hope it does).
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unusual stuff about mushrooms
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