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 Saturated fat is bad for the heart

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PostSubject: Saturated fat is bad for the heart   Mon Apr 05, 2010 3:16 pm

OK it's on, it's off, now it's on again.

Let's start way back when...decades ago saturated fat seemed to be linked to heart disease. Then January this years we got a big mtea-study (that means a study that compares a lot of studies about the same subject) & got the idea that saturated fat wasn't actually the bad guy (& to see a lot of meat-eaters smiling & nodding their heads sagely thinking "I knew those damn veggies were wrong")...see a write up about that revelation here. Now just when we're getting that idea into our heads, then this study comes out of left field. It seems comparing studies isn't any good as you have to compare what you replaced the saturated fat with! Most studies replaced saturated fats with either carbs, carbs & poly unsaturated fats(PUSF) or hydrogenated fats & it seems that only one replacement actually works. It appears that swapping saturated fat with PUSF actually does lower instances of coronary heart disease by as much as 20%, but replacing with carbs or hydrogenated fats didn't. So it seems PUSF are the thing to replace saturated fats with - I'm wondering if you slip in some mono-unsaturated fat as that'd make life easier as we tend to eat a lot PUSF being vegans (unless you're ultra-low fat eater which most of us aren't on here). You can check out the study here. if that's a little dry you could check out this article that explains things pretty well.
So, where are we now? I think we're back to saturated fats are not the best things to be eating, but we certainly shouldn't replace them with hydrogenated fats or carbs, but mainly healthier fats.
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Saturated fat is bad for the heart
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