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 Just checking in

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PostSubject: Just checking in   Thu Apr 01, 2010 9:22 am

Basically, I'm just checking in from the USA, no need to go on much about me, but I'm no expert on physical culture but I find the topic fascinating so I started reading the Randy Roach book and did a search and I came upon a review for "Muscle Smoke and Mirrors" on the blog and found the reviewer (maybe this Pete fellow?) well-informed and in fact, doing an important service in reviewing that book, to give a "counter point" because I somehow stumbled upon this book and it is pretty good but it does seem indeed so too that in parts, Randy is pushing an agenda, I did not know the Weston Price Foundation was behind this book but did read the Randy Roach interview at his site and bless his heart, he seems to have become visually impaired in recent years and I'm under the impression has been battling with it for years. So, the balance is important because to the common man really, the book is a real eye opener and like little we've read and very well written.

My thing a bit and related to physical culture is using Indian Clubs, mainly because they are unique and they have some benefits. A few years ago, this guy at the Health club was trying to turn me onto body building and at first, I thought, you know, I'm happy with running or riding a bike and the occasional kick around football game but I hurt my foot and I've long had a few weights around that I used for minimal physical fitness exercise but now, I'm getting into it a bit and have thought, "you know this is actually pretty cool" though per here in the USA for years, I'd get the occasional muscle magazine to read.

So, that's a bit how I came upon this web sight, hope I did not write too much.

I do have a suggestion of what I think would be good and that would be a list of suggested books to read, first I read the Muscle Smoke and Mirrors book, a lot of history and I thought that is cool and now, I'm going to read the Bernarr MacFadden bio book, that said, you know, we can't be too sure about things especially with the early body builders and physical culture people, all claims made, etc. there is a lot of honour with some but also quite a few questions too.
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PostSubject: Re: Just checking in   Thu Apr 01, 2010 2:07 pm

If you're into old time physical culture I could make you a HUGE list - I collect old time PC books (in a small way). My first choice if you've not got it would be "The way to live" by George Hackenschmidt originally published in 1908 & is better than 99% of training out there today! The guy was a strength man, a wrestler, a philosopher & very, very clever guy! (as a side note if you show his picture to any modern day gym rat they say "Steroids" & you can laugh at them as steroid weren't even invented then Laughing ).
Yes like today & some youtube clips you can see (can you say cardboard weights anyone Laughing ) a few of the old timers where showman & so some of their claims where inaccurate, some like Warren Lincoln Travis, The mighty atom, 'Hack' & even up to guy like Doug Hepburn tended to be pretty honest (OK Travis wasn't the strongest man in the world, but the strongest man in the world AT HIS FEATS was an honest statement in my view).
I did start a book DVD list here that you might want to add to? it covers just a few of both old & new books I've found useful over the years (& DVDs too).
Welcome onboard by the way!
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Just checking in
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