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 body building in the RAW

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PostSubject: body building in the RAW   Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:30 pm


Vegan 18 years, raw 70-80-90-100% past 3...

I am fit, active, ran quite a bit of marathons - qualified for Boston FIRST marathon!!

I was a fitness instructor for goodlife (canada) taught group fitness for 3 years....bodypump and spinning.

Currently a HOT yoga instructor.. and PE teacher.

5'8" 130-135 pounds

Fit, healthy, happy..but been at a plateau for YEARS!!

My friend is competing in a fitness model search...she has amazing genes and will probably win!!
She gave birth 5 months ago...

HEr trainer has taken her to new heights!
She looks AMAZING!
She is VEG...

I have an appointment to see him.. I want him to train me, but it is $$$ $$$$ and I want to make sure I get LOTS out of it...
My diet concerns me....
We all know 80% of results = diet....

SO...if any of you are builders, PLEASE tell me what u eat to GROW!!

My diet consists of green juices/ smoothies...
Fruit all day
Large salad with veggies and some fat in evening...
am willing to eat sprouted beans as well

Just looking for someone'e RAW Vegan meal plan to I am doing it all right and not throwing my $$ away thanx
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PostSubject: Re: body building in the RAW   Sat Mar 27, 2010 4:09 am

I would aim at getting the same or slightly more calories than a person your weight & size should eat if they were eating cooked food (as calories are more easily obtained from cooked food).
There are some raw food ideas on the VBB site here.
I know Pat Reeves managed at powerlifting using a 'living foods' protocol. She did include home made soya yoghurt & tempeh as they are alive when consumed (the bacteria growing in them that is).
I would also consider a protein powder. A couple are considered raw - Hemp protein concentrate & sprouted rice protein powders are both generally accepted as being raw foods within that community.
Assuming you are willing to take the protein powder the rest should be pretty much normal advice, it's just adding up your macro-nutrient intake (proteins, fats & carbs) & getting the amounts in line with your goals.
I have a basic diet plan that can give you the macros you need here but I've never written a diet plan specifically aimed at a raw food athlete. Normally I'd take some time & write you up a few ideas, but I'm right in the middle of my final year doing a nutrition course, so I have to spend most of my spare time working on that (sorry).
May best advice would be to get a reasonable amount of protein every meal (that can be a shake, a decent helping of sprouts or similar) & make sure you have enough omega-3 fatty acids. I would also make sure that you take a B12 supplement - the science points to the implication that most of the plant sources touted today (spirulina etc) are analogues & do not help maintain B12 levels. Finally focus on energy dense foods as calories may be issue if you want to grow.
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body building in the RAW
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