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 Great blog post about bodyfat levels

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PostSubject: Great blog post about bodyfat levels   Fri Feb 26, 2010 3:34 pm

I have considered doing a bit about bodyfat levels (& the stupid claims made by many people about their 1% bodyfat etc), but I found this article by Leigh Peele that probably does a better job than I could covering it. It gives you an idea of what you should look like at various bodyfat levels so you can have some idea where you are. One point to bear in mind is some people have trouble seeing their true shape, you might need someone else who you know will be honest to read the article & then show them either yourself or a picture & give you a ball park number (like you between 10 & 15% for example), but they must be honest don't ask someone who is unlikely to speak their mind - if you're a 30% plus, there is no point if the person you ask or you yourself decides you look most like the 10% bodyfat person- honesty is the best policy in this case as it will set a benchmark & from there you can set your nutritional goals honestly (like moving from 30% to a 20% bodyfat over 2010 for example). These sorts of changes can be done, but you need honesty at first to begin working towards a goal you need a truthful starting point.
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Great blog post about bodyfat levels
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