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 How long do high meat eaters live?

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PostSubject: How long do high meat eaters live?   Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:17 am

I stumbled across an interesting fact just today. All those raw milk/meat guys go on about how good it is. Just eat your raw meat &/or milk & some high antioxidant food & live for years, well there is a tribe called the Maasai in Africa & they often rave about the amount of milk & blood they eat & the fact that they suffer less cardiovascular damage than those eating a western diet. But I just found out that actually there does appear to be a cost. First off the average life span is 40 or so years old...ok you might say, but maybe they have high infant mortality, that would lower the average. Okay but the fact is it's quite rare to have a Maasai live to be much past 60 years old.
Even the raw milk sites have accept this (even though they try to justify it) like here
So let's assume it is raw milk & blood that keeps the Maasai's arteries clear of plaque & not some exercise or genetic effect, how would you like to enjoy a life with a minimal risk of any heart or cardiovascular issues & make it not even to the age of 50 like many Maasai...sound like a deal you? ...No me neither, I expect to be somewhere near halfway through my life at that age, not ready to hand in my notice on this planet!
As it is there are several guys on here right now who'd be 'pushing up daisies' right now (or be tottering old men) in the Maasai society, not still hitting big weights & looking to improve both their physiques & strength levels.
A little study shows it gets a little clearer, it seems the Maasai walk a massive amount daily see the article here rather like the swimmer Michael Phelps who can eat a truly bad looking diet, but can literally swim it off, these people burn off a bad diet by exercising it away. At least at first, but as with most things there is a cost, in years to come it seems the body can no longer cope & after the age of 40 many Maasai are living on borrowed time.
So maybe getting those veggies down you isn't such a bad idea after all!
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How long do high meat eaters live?
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