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 Strength cardio by Coach Dos

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PostSubject: Strength cardio by Coach Dos   Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:19 pm

Just ordered the new book Strength Cardio training by Coach Dos (who is a vegan). This & the new kettlebells I'll be getting will go together nicely to give them a go. I quite like Coach Dos & he's always been ok about answering stuff & is just about the most well known vegan trainer in the world at now & certainly has worked with more athletes than just about any vegan coach out there today (or indeed many, many omni-coaches as he coaches literally hundreds every year).
Let's just hope Amazon get it back in very soon as I just listened to Coach dos online & it seems he's got some good stuff for the old KB's.
Basically the book is pushing cardio work but using weights, so no treadmills, bikes etc, much more like the stuff he did with the Cosgroves (Rachel & Alwyn) in the Metabolic acceleration DVD (scroll on down to find that one).
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Strength cardio by Coach Dos
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