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 Mashed potatoes

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PostSubject: Mashed potatoes   Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:18 pm

"Mashed potatoes!" you say, "About as interesting as a pocket full of warm wallpaper paste!"

No, it depends on how you prepare them.
I got this recipe from a master chef.

Dice (that means cut into cubes about half an inch square) three or four medium-sized potatoes.
[Note that potatoes come in several varieties--I happen to like Arctic Gold, but other potatoes will do also].

Boil these until fork-tender.

Reserve [that means "set aside for later"] about half of the cubed, boiled potatoes.

Mash the remaining potatoes. (Best done with a potato masher... you could do this with a food processor, but remember, you are in training so you might benefit from the exercise of doing the job by hand).

When the potatoes are nearly smooth, mashed and blended, add:
half a cup of chopped onions-- or better yet, half a cup of chopped scallions.

Add two Table Spoons of olive oil (continue didn't forget, did you?).

Add a Table Spoon of lemon juice (keep mashing...remember?).

A dash of salt [that means, "salt to taste"].

A dash of ground black pepper [to taste].

When serving, provide each guest a small dish (two or three Table Spoons in a saucer) of olive oil to add to taste.

Serve hot.

Oh, and the potato cubes you reserved at the beginning? Put those in a covered container in the fridge and brown them for breakfast in the morning.
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PostSubject: Re: Mashed potatoes   Fri Aug 24, 2012 11:09 am

quick and easy to prepare but would guests like to have mashed potatoes. While i can utilize the one which are left for the breakfast. Laughing
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Mashed potatoes
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