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 Cold food or Hot food?

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PostSubject: Cold food or Hot food?   Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:13 pm

Just wanting to know your opinions about this.

People who goes raw are definitely feeding on cold food. Which is said but some articles that it is good.
(unfortunately, this diet gives me a bloated stomach and a lot of gas, so there is no way I could live on it)

And hot food (I'm not talking spicy) like freshly baked lasagne or pie, stirfry or hot porridge or soup? It warms the tummy and it is a nice feeling.

Many debates went on regarding drinking cold fluids as it helped the body burn calorie to warm the water before it reaches our stomach and others as well.

What are your views on this?
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PostSubject: Re: Cold food or Hot food?   Sat Jan 09, 2010 6:29 am

I think the calorie burn wouldn't be too high, just like an extra mouthful of food would more than cover any calorie burn from cold water. You'd save a lot more calories by simply increasing say the green leafy veggies with every meal & lowering the starchy carbs a little (so say have the same size plate you normally use but fill it with more cabbage & less rice for example, so you feel as full as the amount is the same, but the overall calories is a little less).
I'd just have whatever temperature fluid you prefer with your food as long as it contains little or no calories (as you're trying to lose fat). Water or herbal tea would be good choices as both are zero calorie. Drink those & slightly lower the amount of startchy carbs & increase the green leafy veggies & you'll be well on the way to losing some fat if you're hitting the gym regularly.
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PostSubject: Re: Cold food or Hot food?   Sun Jul 04, 2010 2:06 am

Naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) talk about food, drink and herbal medicine as being warming or cooling (or sometimes neutral). Its interesting though, that naturopathy recommends a mostly raw and fresh diet, which is cooling and Traditional Chinese Medicine recommends a mostly cooked diet, which is warming. Both modalities will alter food and medicine for the individual to improve their health. For example, chilli is a food and medicine and is warming. If a person has a slow cold digestion, and may have cold hands and feet, then chilli would be good for them, because it warms and turns up their digestion and improves circulation to their hands and feet.
While I'm not saying anything bad about the raw food diet, I think extremes should be generally avoided. If you find hot, cooked foods give you a nice warm feeling when you eat them, then continue to eat them because they're probably good for you. On the other hand, if you had heartburn or reflux from eating hot foods, you should try to eat more cooler foods, like salads. Also, if you feel warm and full after eating, you may eat less if you find your meal more filling than and uncooked meal.
Generally speaking, the vegan diet is quite cool and the raw vegan diet is very cool. So we benefit from foods like chilli, ginger, herbal tea, some seeds and nuts, rice, rye and quality vegetable oil and other warming foods. The gas and bloating you experienced on the raw food diet might be an indication that your digestion was being cooled down, so your body couldn't digest as effectively.

I agree with Pete that it is more important about what you're eating and the amounts you are eating.
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PostSubject: Re: Cold food or Hot food?   Sun Jul 04, 2010 9:37 pm

I expect that if people slowly added raw food to their diet, most people could eventually adjust to it without an upset stomach. Similar is adding a lot of beans to the diet. Most people at first get a lot gas. But if you eat that way longterm, your body should adjust.
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PostSubject: Re: Cold food or Hot food?   

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Cold food or Hot food?
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