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 A different look at injury

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PostSubject: A different look at injury   Mon Jan 04, 2010 12:28 pm

I found this interesting quote about injury. It's always seen as a negative thing, getting an injury, but here's a different view from an article written by Dimitri Ivanov, who interviewed the great Russian weightlifter Vasili Alexeyev. I quote Alexeyev from that article...
Quote :

...It seems to me that some of the talented athletes lack one thing-- they haven't had an injury. That's right! An injury that will put them out of commission for a year during which time they'll have a chance to weigh everything. I, too, would not be where I am if I had not injured my back. I suffered for a year and a half thinking everything over ... After a misfortune, people pull through and become, if possible, great people -- and sportsmen, in particular. Those who are stronger find their way out and to the top ...

While I don't advocate getting injured to improve, the point is that injury can be viewed as opportunity. Alexeyev focused on reviewing and made changes to his training during this period. It strengthened his will and desire. He developed a unique program of training that he followed upon resuming training - quite different, as I understand, from the typical Russian coach of the time.

Thought it gave a rather different view of injury to the usual view we see from most athletes - my guess is it's definitely a 'hindsight' view, looking back it may have done him some good. I know the two times I've had serious injuries it's been murder during, but as they said these were actually the times I learnt most about myself, my body & training I believe.
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A different look at injury
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