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 2010 today - you training or what?

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PostSubject: 2010 today - you training or what?   Fri Jan 01, 2010 4:19 am

Well it's a little on the morning (only just morning!) of the 1st of a new year, what's your game plan for this year? As I was up really late last night watching my friends drink (I had herbal tea & fruit juice - oh yea & ate a bit too Very Happy ).It was a good New Years eve, I had fun jocolor rendeer
So, have you got a plan for today - I suspect a few of you will be sleeping off hangovers, so you've got an excuse, my plan is to not have a plan today. I'm thinking of pulling out the chains & bands maybe, perhaps dig up a few training toys I don't normally use & spend an hour or 2 doing any damn thing I fancy - the plan starts tomorrow, today it's going to be purely play with light to medium weights (although you never know if something gives me the urge to heavy, then heavy it will be). I'm still a little beit sluggish from last nights merryment, but get a decent feed into me & I'll be good to go I reckon - as I said no plan at all, but at the moment I'm considering some squat deadlift stuff to kick me into gear, maybe some gripping stuff as I've got some ace grip tools I don't use enough, I might even do curls & kickbacks affraid who knows!
Right I'm off to start the day with a few push-ups & an )inverted row on my xtreme rings (done to a much lower angle than demonstrated on that youtube clip, I start flat at approx 90° & pull up - I quite rate rings for push-ups, inverted flyes, dips, pull-ups, rows etc add a fun bit of stabilisation to the move). Right a quick get the blood flowing session, then eat-time.
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2010 today - you training or what?
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