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 What are you eating for christmas day?

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PostSubject: What are you eating for christmas day?   Thu Dec 24, 2009 5:15 am

Are you going for the full roast, a healthier option, having a day of junk? What's your day paln.
Luckily I'm on that never ending bulking up phase Very Happy .
OK I'm not having a roast I'm actually having potatoes in their jackets, but I am digging into a bit of junk. I've found a frozen vegan pizza that I'm trying out (yea, pizza on christmas - still I wanted it & I don't do wheat very often as it often doesn't like me), cheezley (fake cheese),pineapple & vegetarian choice sausages on sticks (I do these every year). Fair amount of snacks that'd be well into the junk pile the rest of the year. A fake round 'turkey' with the stuffing already in it, probably a loaf of organic wholemeal bread - I can't even remember half the stuff until I get cracking unpacking the cupboard to reveal the xmas goodies - I just hope I haven't forgotten anything as I'd hate to go without Very Happy
Anyway after my xmas goodies list yours probably won't seem so bad, so what are you eating?
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What are you eating for christmas day?
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