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 People who don't know, shouldn't write articles!

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PostSubject: People who don't know, shouldn't write articles!   Mon Dec 07, 2009 3:59 am

OK, straight on the heels of returning from the fayre & the first article I read about vegan bodybuilding annoys me Very Happy - yep this person doesn't know anything about supplements - I mean NOTHING! He's got a BSc (Hons), yep, but I guess it was in a subject a LONG way from nutrition as he doesn't know anything that even the average meat-free athlete knows about supplements. Here's the article anyway for you to read. The first mention of vegans & we have the statement that: -
Quote :
Remember also that many quality supplements are derived from animal products, for example creatine, whey protein and meal replacement powders (MRPs)

Um...ok you got the whey right, but I've yet to find a creatine that isn't synthetic (it's just not cost effective to produce it any other way)..a few emails or a little digging would have found that out for him. MRP's there are quite a few vegan MRP's out there these days the most famous being vega, but certainly not the only one, again a few minutes using that new-fangled internet & he would have discovered that.
As for the statement:
Quote :
Vegans would be wise to include seaweed or a vitamin B12 supplement daily, as without animal products their diets may be insufficient in vitamin B12.

..again actually this should read "...EVERYONE would be wise..." (barring some medical condition of course). Why would meat eaters need to worry about a word antibiotics. These pesky drugs kill off the good bacteria that make B12 in animals, infact they often have to inject B12 into cows as they suffer from deficiencies. As for seaweed, it's a powerhouse of minerals, I recommend it to virtually everyone (except some thyroid & other issues). Bodybuilders often don't have a great diet so adding in high nutrition foods like spirulina, powdered seaweed etc into shakes adds us a little extra nutrition with few extra calories so we can get everything we need to 'build the beast'. All bodybuilding should endeavour to include both B12 (don't take with high potency vit C as this destroys the B12) & high nutrition foods like seaweed (either whole or powdered).
Oh yea oat & rice milk are NOT great sources of protein, they are quite low protein foods.

They aim at 10 feeds a day too many in my view, even Mr Olympias can get by on 6-8 feeds a day & 9 of the 10 feeds use Soya Protein Isolate (& the other meal includes tofu & soya yoghurt), so much, much too soya-based to be useful to anyone wanting to eat a balanced sort of meal plan.

It does annoy me that people write these things & believe me people will follow them..when they fail they'll blame being vegan, not a crappy diet (& believe me this is a crappy diet plan). The guy obviously has no nutritional training, or has no idea what vegans can eat to write a plan like that & consider it sound eating even for 1 complete day.
It's irritating to still read stuff like this...
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People who don't know, shouldn't write articles!
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