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 Goals for 2010

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PostSubject: Goals for 2010   Thu Nov 26, 2009 6:11 am

I don't know about you, but I'm planning my attack on 2010. I've got 2 main goals for next year.
Getting a twice bodyweight squat. I am experimenting over the next few months, exploring uni-lateral leg stuff due, in part, to the stuff being talked about by Mike Boyle (I'm still waiting to get his new Functional strength coach 3 DVD set), but still with some focus on the basic bi-lateral squat.
I've only one other major goal is to get my strict military press up to bodyweight. As I had a really bad shoulder injury rushing to achieve that before, I'll give it a long while & slowly creep up to achieve this, being slow & steady.
When I say goals I mean I want to achieve both for strict reps, not 1RM by the end of '10.
Obviously increasing my overall strength over 2010 is another basic goal, but not having any specific numbers in mind, just focusing on 2 goals should lead to me getting them by the end of '10
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Goals for 2010
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