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 New to the Site from UK

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PostSubject: New to the Site from UK   Thu Nov 26, 2009 6:03 am

Hello all,

Nice to have read through a lot of the site, and loving the t-shirts etc.

I'm Harry, from the Midlands, UK.

I am a vegan by religion and belief, although I am a lacto vegan so I do have dairy products. Normally a reader of muscletalk and a few other forums, but no vegan related ones as yet.

I'm 23, and have been a vegan since I was 4. I have been training since I was 17 at college, although I did have around 6 months off last year and got back in to it this year.

I've put some size on and am 5ft 7", 14st 4 lbs (been bulking) and have quite a lot of muscle mass. Benching 120kg, deadlifting 160kg and squatting 100kg (had my fair share of knee injuries). My bf% is around 20% mark which will need to come down start of next year when I start to cut.

A site like this is what I've been looking for, something that is vegan specific. I've read information and believe humans were not meant to eat animals. I believe we can build muscle and get good physiques through a vegan diet and training.
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PostSubject: Re: New to the Site from UK   Thu Nov 26, 2009 9:29 am

welcome to the site...hey another guy in need of a stronger squat (I've got a rubbish squat as well). At 5'7" that's a good size to reach in bodyweight.
Looking at your stats you look like you've benched a bit more than you've DLed or squatted (or maybe just less injured up top?), so 2010 might be a good goal to get those up. Maybe get DL up to 1.75 or even 2x B/W & the squat maybe aim for 1.25 - 1.5x B/W (unless knee issues really are against pushing it up much higher-don't be stupid if there are problems).
We're still a pretty young board, so hopefully as we get more people onboard things will get really interesting as we get to talk 'shop' about our training diet & goals!
Do forget the site isn't just about asking training & diet questions (although we do love those!), but about general training related chit-chat, new things you've seen, things coming up that might be of interest to people & non-training related stuff can all be added to the "Off topic section", so feel free to put stuff in where ever..& don't forget to feel free to answer stuff as well as ask (even if you have a different opinion this is a DISCUSSION board the whole idea is we embrace a whole wide section of views & more than one opinion in training can be correct, so don't be put off is someone answers first & you think you have an alternative).
Anyway welcome to the group & I expect I'll speak to you soon.
Oh yea as you live in the UK are you coming to the Christmas Without Cruelty festival in London on the 6th Dec? We've got a stall & a push-up contest you can enter if you like, you can even just pop over, say hi & have a chat at the stall for a bit. Maybe see you there?
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New to the Site from UK
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