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 Did Cosgrove Plagiarise Warp Speed fat-loss

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PostSubject: Did Cosgrove Plagiarise Warp Speed fat-loss   Tue Nov 10, 2009 10:25 am

I'm not a great fan of ultra-fast fatloss plans. You haven't learnt good habits or new ways to eat & are much more likely to yo-yo than someone who's slowly moved to sustainable eating plan, learnt to cook new foods & moved away from their old eating habits. Sometimes though, if you've got a special day coming up or there's an unexpected need to get in shape, you just need to hit that diet & training 110% to achieve goals in record time. This is the type of dilemma that warp speed fat-loss (WSFL) is supposed to help with & recently the 2.0 version of this diet & training protocol was released.
To be honest I haven't read WSFL 2.0, I have got the original WSFL, but wasn't overly impressed. Sure Alwyn Cosgrove is a clever chap, but this has all the hallmarks of a yo-yo type dieting exercise program to me, so unless you are very sure about your usual dietary needs then I couldn't really recommend it to anyone (except, as I said those with a sudden need to lose fat unexpectedly).
Anyway I stumbled across this by Lyle McDonald & it does look like Alwyn may have written stuff remarkably similar to the stuff Lyle has written. I'm not saying he deliberately copied Lyle, but he may have read it & without thinking used similar phrases & sentence structure when writing his own book. From the tone of the blog post Lyle is VERY unhappy about Alwyn & I suspect that the courtroom may be the next place these people meet!
In case you're wondering they both follow the basic idea of lowering carbs as the primary way to lose fat & both believe insulin is the prime villain when it comes to fat storage. I find that a little simplistic, but both these are clever guys, so maybe they know more about it than I do? I do find it hard to believe it's as simple as carb control that is the only major factor in body fat control, sure it plays a part, but people like Clarance Bass has got down to crazily low fat using high carbs (& at a pretty old age), so what is that saying...probably that there are several ways to achieve similar results. Carb control is simple as it's one rule you have to think about, but it's not the only way to go, nor is it useful or usable by every athlete or dieter.
For those that want to check out WSFL 2.0 just Click here
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Did Cosgrove Plagiarise Warp Speed fat-loss
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