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 Dr. Kens workout

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PostSubject: Dr. Kens workout   Wed Sep 23, 2009 7:29 am

Here's another of the occasional workouts I spot that I find interesting. This one is by Dr. Ken E. Leistner a writer for many magazines & on the net. It was published in the latest Milo magazine. Personally I feel I need more volume, but I'm not the strongest guy & so maybe a stronger guy would need the extra recovery? Anyway here's the routine, it is done twice a week:

(Shoulder) Press
Warm-up 1x5, 1x3
Work sets 1x5, 1x3

Squat (barbell deep knee bend)
Warm-up 1x8, 1x3
Work sets 1x15, 1x6

Shrug 1x12, 1x6

Warm-up 1x5, 1x3
Work sets 1x10, 1x5

Barbell curl 1x12, 1x6

** On the second workout day of the week substitute Bill Starr's power row done for 5x5 in place of deadlift {Note: I'm not sure what the details are for this version of the lift, but I'm sure either a barbell or dumbbell row would be as good?}
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Dr. Kens workout
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